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24Hr Air conditioning Repair Simi Valley has been in service in California for over 20 years.  We aim to keep our customers satisfied. Our dedication to meet our customer’s needs about heating, cooling and installation needs is the reason why this company has been so successful. We attend our customer’s every need and make sure they are satisfied and comfortable with our work. On weekdays our service timings in Simi Valley, are from 24 hours a day. We also have Emergency Heating and Air conditioning repair services available.

Air conditioning Repair

Our Services

Thermostat Repair and installation

Thermostat Repair

During winters in Simi Valley, the heating system is necessary and if the thermostat were not working properly, the room temperature would fall  drastically. The 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair service professionals recommend annual tune-ups because they keep your system operations running at its peak. Annual tune-ups are important for your protection, productivity and maintenance. The malfunction of a thermostat plays a great role in the increased costs of heating and the imbalance of temperature in the rooms so don’t think twice before calling 24 Hr Air Conditioning Repair service for a thermostat replacement. Getting an upgrade from an old worn out thermostat to a new programmable one or getting a thermostat repaired can lead to lower costs as well as a better control on the house temperature.

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair

The furnace can be damaged in several different ways and have problems such as the leaky insulate duct work, improper venting, ignition problems and many more. If you have any of the problems, do not hesitate to call 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair for your AC to be repaired. To avoid any restoration during winter, please call our technicians for an annual maintenance check during the fall season to ensure that everything is working well. Punctual and professional technicians, who have a license along with experience, will do our maintenance checks. We will tell you the cost straight away so you are able to make the best decision about the furnace repair.

Air Conditioning Repair

24Hr Air Conditioning Repair is the most competent air conditioning  company, operating in Simi Valley.  We have a reputation of providing cost effective, quality service along with customer satisfaction. Our skilled AC repair specialists have solutions for various types of problems such as air conditioners not blowing out cold air or not switching on at all. We also continuously train our technicians to update them with the latest techniques and trends. We can repair different makes and models of air conditioners and have over 10,000 satisfied customers. Our air conditioner repair experts can be trusted for your next AC repair service or installation. Our Air Conditioning services in Simi Valley include:

  • Cleaning or replacement of standard air filters
  • Charging refrigerant if needed
  • Lubrication and inspection of moving parts where ever possible
  • Cleaning and testing condense drain
  • Inspection of condenser coil
  • Inspection and tightening of loose electrical connections
Air conditioning Repair
Client wishes and complaints are 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair’s concern. Call us for fast yet professional service.


By choosing 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair Simi Valley, you can be assured that your air conditioning system is in good hands. Our family-owned business located in Simi Valley, has specialisation in replacement of heating and cooling equipment, along with careful measurements and calculations during the repair of the air conditioning equipment. Another benefit of picking us is that 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair takes the need for the client very seriously and according to your financial plan, time and family requirements, our experts will recommend the best air conditioning brand for you. Repair and maintenance of air conditioners have several benefits such as low energy bills as well as the reduction of noise pollution while the A.C is switched on. The air quality produced from the air-conditioner will also be better as well as the A.C being eco-friendly. Along with a warranty on your new air conditioner, you will also have a peace of mind by choosing 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair for the installation for your new machine.

Air Conditioning Repair and installation

What our clients says?

24Hr Air Conditioning Repair Simi Valley has never disappointed me in any case of emergency. They have always provided me with the top of the notch services. They are skilled individuals who are working as heater.


I used 24Hr Air Conditioning Repair Simi Valley services yesterday, and I am pleased to know that we have such hardworking individuals working in our society. They are experts who are working as heater repairs.


24Hr Air Conditioning Repair Simi Valley takes up small charges for fitting charges. They usually take only the price of the hardware material from me, and I am amazed.